The United Nations Audit of Israel

The obsession of the United Nations with Israel is well documented.prosor

Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor

Various UN bodies sanction Israel in every session over any real or perceived issue. Meanwhile, the organization ignores mass slaughters and human rights abuses that occur daily throughout the world. When well-meaning people point out the singular focus on Israel, the Israel-bashers contend that such complaint is not a defense- it is just “whataboutary”.


If black people in Missouri were pulled over by police at 70 times the rate of white people, the police department would come under attack for abusive and discriminatory behavior.

If a particular person with financials similar to other people, was audited by the IRS every year, the agency and government would be investigated.

Just a few examples of UN uniquely targeting Israel:

A First One Through video about the many actions and sanctions against Israel, “I hate Israel – the UN told me so”



UN Human Rights Council: 56 out of 103 resolutions against Israel.

UN interpreter surprised by number of anti-Israel resolutions:

7 thoughts on “The United Nations Audit of Israel

  1. The Useless Nations have become nothing but a vehicle for hateful despotic oppressive thugs to ostracize Israel while hiding their own atrocities and human rights vilations. This organization needs to be dismantled and the billions of dollars that it sucks from the West needs to be used to help real victims.


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