Gazans Support Killing Jewish Civilians

The International Criminal Court decided last week that it has jurisdiction to try Israel for its actions in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel disputes the claim as it is not a member of the ICC and the Palestinian Authority is not a state so should not be able to submit claims in such forum.

The PA had asked the ICC to investigate Israel for war crimes, particularly for Israel’s actions during the 2014 Gaza War. The PA hopes to win on multiple fronts with its action, both against Israel and its political rival in Gaza, Hamas.

Hamas is a designated terrorist organization by the United States, Israel and several other countries. Its 1988 foundational charter remains the most anti-Semitic ruling document ever written, including that of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. Unperturbed, Palestinians voted Hamas to a majority of parliament in 2006 with that charter in the hopes of destroying Israel as the Two Percent War/ Second Intifada which started in 2000 came to a close.

The people of Gaza lust for Jewish blood has not abated. In the latest Palestinian poll conducted on December 15, 2020, a remarkable 77% of Gazans responded that they very strongly support (30.8%) and strongly support (45.9%) armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside of Israel. The fact that such a question can even be posed should be viewed as incitement to violence and a crime against humanity. That more than three-quarters of Gazans support killing Jewish civilians inside Israel should settle any discussion about the nature of the Hamas ruling authority and the people who live in Gaza.

Results of PCPRS poll 78 of December 2020. The first column shows overall results, the second shows results from the West Bank and last column is Gaza

The United Nations and liberal media falsely state that Gazans are “resorting” to violence and that Gaza rocket fire into Israel is “indiscriminate” but the will of Palestinian Arabs is clear that their aim is to kill Jewish civilians. The appropriate response from Israel – and from the ICC should they pursue the matter – is also abundantly clear.

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28 thoughts on “Gazans Support Killing Jewish Civilians

  1. Informative article damaged by the misguided use of the propaganda terminology of Israel’s declared genocidal adversaries. Doing so serves to validate the use of those terms while undermining Israel’s narrative.

    “West Bank” (of Jordan) = terminology of occupation of Judea-Samaria 1950-1967

    HAMAS = The Islamic Resistance Movement, official Gaza branch of the MUSLIM Brotherhood. Not using that racist antisemitic Organization’s full name in effect whitewashes the true nature of the conflict involving Israel.


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  7. Brain scanning analysis of multiple generations of Palestinian Arab population is the best method scientifically, to illustrate for the world that Palestinians are mentally diseased. This will prove that Israel has the horrendous burden to deal with sub-humans, Untrainable, a race, or ethnic sub-group that is forever doomed!


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