The United Nations Can Hear the Songs of Gazans, but Cannot See Their Rockets

In the ongoing farce that is the United Nations regarding its treatment of Israel, the UN News Center published a report about the use of force that the Israeli army was using against the people of Gaza. In providing background to the story, the UN wrote:

“Since President Donald Trump’s 6 December statement concerning the status of Jerusalem, protests have been held throughout the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and in occupied Gaza. The response by the Israeli security forces has resulted in five people being killed, hundreds injured and large-scale arrests of Palestinians, noted OHCHR.

The biggest flashpoint has been in Gaza, where three people have been killed as protesters burned tires, threw stones, sang songs and waved flags along the fence. Israeli security forces have responded with firearms, including live-ammunition, to disperse the protesters.”

This is propaganda at its finest. The Israeli forces “responded with firearms” against people who “sang songs and waved flags.” Why was this put in here? Did it mention that some of the people were drinking water? Maybe someone was talking on their cellphone when the Israelis used “live ammunition to disperse the protesters.” We all know how much the Israelis hate it when people talk on their mobile phones.

The language was meant to underscore that the Gazans are peaceful people that are under siege. The story was crafted to show that the Israelis are monsters.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

Did the story mention the rockets that Palestinian militants launched into Israeli civilian territory a few days before? No.

Did it mention the rockets that were launched just the day before that landed in front of someone’s house? No.

Did the United Nations mention any of the 18 rockets that the Gazans fired into Israel since President Trump’s speech on December 6? Nope.

For the UN, the Palestinian Arabs are engaged in peaceful protests and the Israelis are the aggressive power using unnecessary force. The more passive the Palestinian Arabs and violent the Israelis can be portrayed, the greater the David-versus-Goliath narrative to rally people to the Palestinian cause.

The United Nations are not united in honesty, truth or fairness. Just in wild distortions to be ignored.

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21 thoughts on “The United Nations Can Hear the Songs of Gazans, but Cannot See Their Rockets

  1. the United Nothings, United Ninnies, whatever, are a ship of fools. They are being made a fool of by their favorite victims, the Palestinians. If any of them read the real news instead of the propaganda, or read historical accounts, they might find out that Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and let it be “occupied” by the PA, which soon was taken over by Hamas. The Gazans are under the occupying power of Hamas, for whom they voted and for whom they willingly serve as human shields. This is a war crime that the UN ignores, because it’s better to hate the Jews than discipline the criminal Arabs. I guess the UN is jealous of Israel because we stay alive under constant hate and attack. Not only do we stay alive, but continue to invent great technology and medical advances, which they take advantage of. I guess people can’t stand the success of others. The Gazans are choosing to live in darkness, sewage, pollution and muck because their hatred controls them. The same goes for the PA areas, which are also not occupied by Israel, but are independent areas. Jews are not even allowed to go into their areas – they are not part of Israel. Anything that is said to the contrary is a lie.


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